Wedding - Sydney

Bridal makeup and hair service also includes:


eyelashes/eyebrow shaping/skin prepare/hair padding/hair accessories and fake or real hair extension(use of real hair extension is included in booking with Sophie Lau only) lent to the client for free 


Bridesmaid/mum/guest makeup $125.00/per , hairdo $125.00/per. Only available with bridal service.


*  Earliest start at 5 am, bridal makeup and hair take 3 hours, the morning makeover will be finished earliest at 8 am.

*  No travelling charge when < 30KM from Glenwood.  > 30km from Glenwood, please contact for travelling charge.

*  Parking fee will be charged if any.

*  Borrowed hair accessories and extensions are required to send back to Sophie’s studio within three business days.

*  Bridal Makeup or makeup only price is the same as Bridal Makeup and Hair price.

One Off Bridal

1 set makeup and hair at client's location









Style by Sophie Lau  $1500.00

Style by Team Stylist $640.00

Morning + Reception Bridal

Morning :    1 set makeup and hair at client's 
Reception :  makeup and hair refresh or change







Style By Sophie Lau   $2100.00

Style by Team Stylist    $940.00


Full Day Bridal

3-4 hairstyles for tea ceremony + wedding ceremony + reception walk in 
follow touch up makeup, change makeup for reception

Maximum working hours: 12 hours
Extra hours Sophie $250.00/hour,  team stylist $180.00/hour.



Style by Sophie Lau   $5000.00

Style by Team Stylist  $1600.00

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